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Hi! My name is Cherly Fernandez and I am a UI/UX Designer based in the greater Seattle area, with 4 years proven record of creating efficient, beautifully designed, delightful, and meaningful product experiences. Functionality and aesthetics are my key design principles, and I strive to design and create user-centered solutions. 

My previous experience as both a program and project manager has made me adept at working with cross-functional teams, including engineers, product owners, and other managers. By driving partnership with these teams we delivered results and accomplished organization-wide goals.

I made the switch to the UI/UX field after having first-hand experience developing productivity tools from concept to launch while working at Amazon. The whole experience opened my eyes into a new world of creativity and problem solving, which I found myself constantly craving.


In my spare time, I love designing houses and home interiors, and playing with my two Jedi corgis, Yoda and Anakin.


2019 Amazon Leadership Award

Insist on Highest Standard

Received an Amazon Leadership award for designing and operationalizing the Confidentiality Program. A program designed to ensure that all confidential projects in development remain confidential up until launch. 

2017 Amazon Leadership Award

Dive Deep & Insist on Highest Standard

Received an Amazon leadership award for designing and developing the Confidentiality Disclosure Tracker. A tracking tool which have been widely adopted by different teams across Amazon.

2016 Amazon Leadership Award

Invent & Simplify

Received an Amazon Leadership award for designing and building a website/portal which served as a central resource for the legal team.


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