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Concept Projects

In this section, you'll find a collection of my innovative concept projects, including those that have been part of my educational journey. These projects showcase my creative flair and design thinking, serving as a testament to my ability to push boundaries and envision the future of user interfaces and experiences. These projects reflect my passion for innovation and my knack for creating creative, innovative, and intuitive user experiences.

Mobile-operated Gourmet Pastry Vending Machine

Baked - is a modern-day touch-free pastry vending machine that offers gourmet/artisan pastries and baked goods, while providing a safe, seamless purchasing experience.

Goal create a safe, seamless pastry purchasing experience to reduce potential exposure to Covid-19. 

Luxury Fashion Mobile Virtual Store

Montilla - a high-end luxury fashion and accessories brand who has recently expanded their presence online, coming out with its latest offering of virtual shopping experience, allowing customers to see and purchase products from their retail stores in a virtual setting through their mobile website.

Goal - improve the conversion from browse to completion of check out experience to increase revenue on the product’s mobile web experience.

Helping City-dwellers Find the Perfect Dog to Adopt

(a modified design sprint)

CityPups - is a web-based aggregator of dog adoption from local organization and shelters.

Goalhelping city-dwellers find the perfect dog to adopt.

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