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TravyPalis a mobile-web app dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the travel experience. It provides travelers with an intuitive and efficient solution for planning, organizing, and sharing their journeys seamlessly.


UI/UX Designer & Researcher Intern

Role Overview

Collaborated with a team of designers on a community-based learning feature for Sketchy's MCAT curriculum. I conducted user interviews, affinity mapping, designed the overall visual layout, interaction, and interface of the mobile-web and desktop experiences in compliance with existing Design Systems. I made reusable components and high-fidelity multi-stage user flows in Figma with short iterations, which became a template used by the team for final prototyping.


Figma, Figjam, Miro, Zoom

Project Goal

Sketchy has been wanting to explore adding more community-based elements within the product to connect students together. One aspect of this is to add a way to collaborate on lessons through notes and ideas to help them feel more connected and improve their learning model.

The Task

Design an experience where students can collaborate on a lesson and share ideas.

We approached the solution as if  it is the students' first time using Sketchy and are not very familiar with the symbols.

Synthesizing Research Through Affinity Mapping

Group 2 (4).png

Designing the Interface

Group 74936.png

1. Note Taking & Sharing

Group 74951.png
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